New Show: Magnificent Monster Circus!

We are very excited to announce our new show, Magnificent Monster Circus!

Monster Circus 3.JPG

CactusHead Puppets presents a Circus like no other! Join in as the Monsters’ Caretaker guides you through the world of monsters. Enjoy the Thrills of the Clarissa the Crested Cannon! Experience the Chills of Eustace the Uni-Browed, Uni-cycling, Uni-monster as he tackles the Sinister Snake Slack-rope! All this and more in The Magnificent Monster Circus!

We’ve been working on this show little bits at a time since last fall, and were thrilled to receive support from the Somerville Arts Council through the Puppet Palooza New Works program to help us expand and develop it further this spring and summer.

Monster Circus can be performed BOTH indoors or outdoors, and has lots of great interactive moments for the audience! Its been lots of fun trying things out with audiences in rehearsal, and we’re excited to have the show on the road now.

If you follow us on Instagram, you have probably seen progress photos from the show, but here are a few highlights from the building and rehearsal process.

IMG_2110 2.jpg

Looking forward to sharing our Magnificent Monster Circus with lots of audiences!